Crest Whitestrips 3D Vivid | Review & Results

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As promised, I am doing a review on how these Whitestrips have worked for me and giving you some tips on how I think is best and easiest way to make the most out of them. Keep reading to see how to use them, if they're worth it and, probably why you came here: the BEFORE and AFTER!!

Before buying the whitestrips:
  • First and most importantly: check with your dentist!! I went for a routine check-up to see if I had any cavities or problems and asked my dentist if he thought it was safe for me to use the whitestrips. Wouldn't recommend using them without doing this first, because if you DO have any cavities, they will probably get worse because of this and might cause you pain.  
  • If you are new to this (like I was), I would recommend getting the whitestrips with a lower percentage of peroxide, like the Vivid ones, which I got. The reason why I say this is because you cannot predict how sensitive you are going to be to them, and getting really powerful ones might put you off to actually using them. So definitely try these first and see how you react, and then move to higher percentage if you are comfortable with them (which I will do after a while).

Before applying the whitestrips:
  • Eat and drink before applying the whitestrips, because I know it is not recommended that you consume anything staining about an hour or so after you take them off. This is just so that you don't starve while wearing them..haha! :)
  • Do NOT brush your teeth right before applying the whitestrips. I have read that this is how they work best, plus they don't cause so much sensitivity this way!

How to apply them:
It's pretty easy-peasy, I would say. Just peel them off the plastic thingy and apply them to your teeth, bottom one first. They are pretty long, compared to other Whitestrips I have seen, so they should cover your front teeth pretty well. I just applied the strips to the front part of my teeth, making sure they're all covered and then tucked the remaining part behind my teeth. Don't worry if the strips don't cover all the back side of your teeth, you're supposed to whiten the front anyway!

After applying the whitestrips:
  • After waiting 30 minutes with these on, just peel them from your teeth, they come off pretty easily. 
  • What I liked to do was removing all the excess gel from my teeth and then rinsing my mouth with some water.
  • Make sure not to drink or eat anything staining in the next hour or so, because at this point your teeth will be more prone to staining. 
  • You can then brush your teeth as you normally would, maybe just in a more gentle way. I would wait 30-60 minutes though, just so that your teeth don't become too sensitive.

My personal opinion:
Sensitivity: I have to say my teeth got a little sensitive towards my last 2 strips, but it wasn't too bad. I've heard people say they were having excruciating pain, I guess everyone reacts differently...but if your teeth are in pretty good shape and you follow instructions properly, I don't think you'll have really great issues with this.

Results: My teeth have definitely not been the whitest, as you can tell from the pictures below, and I was never happy with this. I was super excited to try the whitestrips and I have to say, they DO work! I'm not sure how great of a difference you can tell from the pictures below, but in real life, I really can tell. Even my friends and boyfriend noticed it! It's not than blinding, Hollywood-white smile, but it's definitely whiter than before, and this is because I got the ones with a lower "power" (it has 2 out 5, you can see that on the package). However, I'm looking forward to trying the Professional ones, to get even greater results, but I'll probably wait a bit before I whiten them again, just to make sure I'm not harming my teeth in any way.

And the long awaited results:

(I tried to get the pictures in the exact same lighting, so that they are true to color one from the other...hope I did ok, and that you can see the actual results)

Overall, I would definitely recommend the whitestrips and I am certainly going to purchase more in the future. Let me know in the comments below if you can see any difference in my BEFORE and AFTER pictures, and if you have tried them, how they worked for you. Sorry if this is too long of a post, but I wanted to give you all the details, so you'll know what to expect!

Also, if you have ANY questions regarding these, definitely feel free to ask. I know I had a lot of questions when I first bought them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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  1. I actually decided to buy some next week. I'll be trying out the advanced seal professional effects (power 4) ones. I hope my teeth won't hurt!

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Definitely do a before and after too! I'm really curious to see how those work. I'm gonna purchase them too a little further down the road. :)

  2. Great blog post! I recommend Whitestrips4u for any UK customers looking for a great reliable company to buy Crest Whitestrips from. Great price and service.


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