Outfit ideas no.29 (Feeling spring-ish)

5:59 PM

Such lovely days we've been having lately! Filled with sun and warmth...oh, how I love spring! That's probably the reason why I've been in the mood for taking some outfit pictures. Now that the warm season is here, expect more!

For this outfit I chose a floral inspired chiffon shirt and some simple skinny jeans, paired with flip-flops and my adored leather bag. As for accessorizing, I sported my mint earrings, which I'm absolutely in love with, and then I got some peachy nail polish on, to match the pastel theme. Kept my hair in a simple low braid, cause I wanted the earrings to stand out more...and that's all there is to it.

Before I "let you go", I wanted to share with you a few EXCITING NEWS, both for me and for you - I hope!!! Firstly, I finally got out of the cave (cause that's what I've been feeling like..haha) and made an Instagram account, so since I'm new there, I would love it if you could check my profile and maybe leave me yours in a comment below, so that we can become friends there!! Secondly, I'm super excited because I just became a Youtube partner, which means I can finally upload my own thumbnails (yaaay!) - No more crappy shots of me- haha! :) Definitely come and see me on those sites too. I hope you enjoyed this outfit post!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a lovely day!

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  1. such a cute outfit! love the earrings :)


  2. Precioso el top y bonitas fotos.
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me gusta, pásate por el mio si tienes un ratito y si te gusta nos seguimos. Bss.


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