InstaWeek #1

8:00 AM

Hello, lovelies! I'm all about new things on my blog lately, as you might have noticed. And one big announcement is that I finally came out of the cave and got myself the Instagram app....Hallelujah! As I was also really into seeing other people do this "My week in pictures" type of posts - like Sandra or Marta -, I decided to do it here' the new series that I'll probably post every Saturday (yes, I'm aware today is Monday, but this is an exception..hehe!). 

So if you're snoopy like I am and would like to see some snippets from my life, keep on reading:

1. Showing off my new mint earrings  2. Filming the Draw My Life tag  3. Being childish  4. My cuddly puppy

5. My makeup for the day  6. Breakfast idea, already posted here  7. My new coral shirt  8. Salad for dinner

9. New cream sandals  10. Disturbing my napping puppy  11. Yummy avocado breakfast  12. New Kate Moss Lipstick

That pretty much sums the bits from the past week. Hope you enjoyed this and definitely give me some feedback on all these new things on my blog. What you like and what you don't!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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  1. I'm obsessed with instagram and I just love looking at pretty photos ha!xx

  2. That breakfast looks interesting *heads off to check recipe* xx


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