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Hello, everyone! I'm hoping you're having a lovely weekend start! I am starting the month of April (spring is here..yay!!!) with my very first proper beauty favorites post. I haven't done this yet on my blog and I thought it might be interesting. Also, I'd love to see your takes on this, so if you've done a March Favorites, be sure to leave it below so that I can check it out! Some of these products might be familiar to you already, as I've mentioned them before, but.. I'm just gonna go ahead and get started. Here are my favorites:

 I've been wearing like crazy floral patterned scarves and chiffon material ones. I feel like these are one of the greatest spring trends, or at least the one I looove! Also, I'm sporting a lot pastel colors, including on my nails (like the ones above).

 Whenever spring comes around I pull out this Nivea body lotion, as I think it's such a nice fresh scent..just perfect for spring. It's kinda lemony and just really fresh!

 For my face, I've been wearing a lot this combo: Garnier BB Cream, an Elf illuminizer (in Lilac Petal) and the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I think it's nice for a light coverage, making your face feel fresh all day and not cakey at all.

 For eyes, I've been loving the products. From the Sleek Storm Palette, I usually wear the lighter colors on a daily basis, on top of the Elf Cream Eyeshadow (in Butter Pecan). And then I'm wearing the Yves Rocher Kohl Pencil for an eyeliner, in a brown color - because I think it makes the whole eye look seem more natural.

 For my lips, this has been a must this past month. It's the Oriflame Beauty Lip's a nice rosy color, very natural for the lips and also pretty moisturizing.

And, finally, this is not really beauty related, but I am sooo adoring my orchid lately. It has started to bloom and it makes my day whenever I look at it... It's just so lovely! Plus, I added it at the end of this post to give a spring-y feel!

What have you been loving these past weeks? Let me know! Hope you have an awesome spring!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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