Beauty Haul: Rimmel, Garnier, Elf

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Hello! I'm welcoming you back to another post, as I've recently been purchasing a few more beauty items I wanted to try out.I won't be making a full review on these products here, but I'll give you some first impressions on them, since I've already given them a go - obviously, I couldn't wait! :)

     Firstly, I ordered a few new Elf products, but I only had two of them to show you (the rest of them were taken into possession by my mother..haha!). I've been meaning to try the Studio Blushes and this peach/coral color is something that caught my eye the second I saw it on their website. The color is called Peachy Keen and it's really gorgeous and subtle (yet nicely pigmented) and it has tiny shimmer through it, so it gives a nice glow to your cheeks. As for the Face Brush, I like that it's soft and I would say it's a great value for the money I spent on it.  

This Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara has got so many mixed reviews that I was compelled to get it and see for myself what it's all about. So far, I'm pretty pleased with it. It was really inexpensive and it is a really black - black, if you know what I mean. The downside is that it can get a bit clumpy if you're not careful when you apply it, but other than that.. no bad things to say about it.

This is definitely not new if you've been reading my blog for a while. I am in love with this Garnier BB Cream and this is the second one I've purchased, as I'm all out of my old one. I like the consistency, the scent, the coverage.. if you'd like to know more about it you can check out this review post.

Finally, when I bought the Garnier BB Cream, I received this Garnier Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin. I was excited to see this because I have tried the toner from this "Sensitive Skin" collection and really liked it. I haven't tried it yet, cause I'm still working on finishing up my other makeup remover, but once I do try it, I'll let you know how I like it.

 Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed my little haul! Have any of you tried these products? What do you think of them? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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