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I'm pretty sure every girl knows what it's like when you have a quite decent looking skin, but just keep feeling like it could use some boost to make it look even better. I've been trying a lot of products, especially since my skin is a bit hard to work with: it's pretty sensitive (not to products, but to cold weather) and it's got some dry spots which can be hard to keep moisturized. So, if you feel like you could use a boost, want to get rid of acne or simply clean your face, I would highly recommend the Balea Face Masks.

I know it's written in german on them, but that's because I got them from a cosmetics store called DM (drogerie markt), which is originally a german store. They have translations on the back, fortunately, so that I can know what I'm supposed to do with them. DM has all kinds of products, from Maybelline to L'oreal and so on. And recently I've been wanting to try more of the products from the Balea range. It is very affordable and I figured I might as well give them a go, since I've heard people rave about them.

Balea Face Masks
So I got these four masks: Q10 anti-aging mask (I know I'm still young, but I just wanted to try it out and help in preventing), the grey one with dead-sea minerals, the one with zinc and clay, and one with milk and honey. They are separated into two parts each, so you can use twice each mask and I think they were about 1-2 dollars, which is an extreme bargain!!
The mask with clay & zinc, and the one with dead-sea minerals are just a tad going to dry your skin, mainly because they are supposed to thoroughly cleanse your skin and eliminate the oils in your face that cause acne. So if you have troubles in that area, you might wanna try giving these a go. If you have oily skin these are gonna work wonders for you, and if you have dry skin like I do, I would suggest applying a very nourishing, moisturizing face cream afterwards, just so that it doesn't completely dry up your face.
As for the mask with milk & honey, and the one with Q10 (anti-aging), these are much more moisturizing. Especially the honey one!! It also says on the package that you should not cleanse with water the milk mask, just with a dry cotton pad - and I like doing this at night: putting on my mask, waiting for 15 minutes, cleaning it with a cotton pad, and leaving the remains til morning. I can almost guarantee that your dry spots will be in a much better state than before. I love, love, love this mask especially and I'm definitely going back for more!

Balea Peeling Gel
I absolutely love this one as well! It has a nice scent, not too powerful and leaves your skin really smooth. You probably already know that the peeling gel is used to eliminate all the dead skin on your face, leaving it nice and soft. I find that this is a MUST in my routine, because if I don't do this every other 3-4 days, whenever I apply foundation or BB cream or whatever to my face, all those dry skin spots will become more obvious - if you have dry skin, you know what I mean.

The way I like to use these is: I first remove all of my makeup, then I thoroughly cleanse my face with the peeling gel, then I apply one of the face masks and, if needed, I would extra-moisturize my face. And in the morning I wake up with such a nice skin... I absolutely love this routine! Of course, you can do this with other products as well, depending on your preferences! SO, if you feel like you need a pampering session this weekend, grab your fave mask and relax!

Alrighty, hope you enjoyed my little ramble about skin care! I was wondering if maybe you'd like me to do a full on routine of my face at night - with what I  like to do to keep my face clean, spot-free, moisturized, and neat looking. I hope you'll have a great weekend, I know I will!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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  1. love the Balea masks! use them all the time!

  2. Great review...
    I think I'd like to try the face masks one of these days.

  3. They sound really good xx

    check out my cath kidston giveaway

  4. Really want to try these now! Also, I love your smoky eyes post! Great blog, I've joined!

  5. Balea♥ I looove Balea :) I wish we had a dm in the states, i just miss it! I just got my mom to send me a bunch of the new Catrice line :)
    You should try the Balea face lotion, the package looks like the peeling, it smells so fresh & is so great!


  6. @chocolatefashioncoffee: They're becoming my fave too!

    @Ann: Thanks! You should.. they're a great price :)

    @terr davidson: They truly are! :)

    @Penny and Polaroids: Aw, thank you! I'm so happy to hear that!

    @Janine: I haven't tried them til now..don't know why. But I'm pretty sure I'm gonna become addicted..haha! I'll try that too, thanks for the tip :)

  7. I`ve tried almost all of them and they are great, make my face so fresh and they smell amazing plus they are cheap, can`t go wrong!


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