Winter Fashion Obsessions

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As I'm pretty sure every one of us girls does, every season I have certain fashion "obsessions" - things that I just can't get enough of, that I constantly wear. I do pretty much follow the trends, but not all of them out there - the ones that I find flattering for me and that I enjoy seeing/wearing. Plus, there are those pieces of clothing that you always find yourself wearing, whether they're still in style or not, just because you feel great in them and make you feel nice - and I say: why not?! It's what makes your personal style. So I thought I'd compile a few of the things I've been wearing a lot lately.

Winter Obsessions
(Note: I don't own the EXACT same things in the picture above, but very similar ones)

1. Black jeggings: I seriously can't get enough of these. I recently purchased a new pair and I think it's honestly the best combination between jeans and leggings. They're stretchy, therefore they're the most comfortable thing ever! Plus, you can wear them like regular pants, you don't need a long sweater to cover your butt (like you would with leggings).

2. Slouchy/ baggy sweaters: Need I say more about these?! Besides from being in the top trends everywhere, these are definitely my faves to wear. They look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans and some cute accessories.

3. Beige ankle boots: Even though I don't wear high heels all that often, I do enjoy throwing them on occasionally and giving myself a boost of confidence. I always think they give you a nice posture and make you feel precious. So, yes, I do love my ankle booties, even though they're only taken for a stroll from time to time.

4. Gold necklaces: ..and earrings as well. I tend to wear a lot of browns, beige tones and blues, and I think gold is the perfect match for these outfits. Even for a colorblocking outfit, I just love throwing my gold necklace - I always feel like they warm up the outfit.

5. Chunky scarves: I'm pretty sure we all love keeping warm with these! For me, I love the really soft fabrics and if they're infinity ones - even better! In the winter I just can't think of another better way to style your outfit than with a chunky scarf.

6. Leopard prints: No matter the season, I always find myself drawn to this pattern. I don't wear it excessively, but I think a nice touch of leopard to your outfit can make it look more chic. Leopard print scarves are my faves, but I also enjoy a nice sheer shirt with this pattern.

7. Beanies: Even though bobble hats are getting more and more attention this season, I still remained to my beanies. I guess I just like the way they look on me better. After I style my hair in nice curls or waves, I love throwing on a beanie and showing them off.

8. Turquoise jewelry: This has definitely been one of my biggest obsessions lately. Everywhere I go, I keep an eye on turquoise jewelry. Be it necklaces, earrings or simple rings, I just can't get enough of these. I wanna purchase some more, cause so far I've only found a pair of earrings that I really, really, really liked. They're very similar to the ones in the picture above and I love the elegant feel they give.

9. Black Peacoat: If you own one, you will probably know why this is an obsession of mine (It looks pretty much like the one above). I can throw it on for almost every outfit I put together, it will keep me warm and also make me feel stylish. Couldn't possibly ask for more!

10. Jewel tones: You can see these everywhere - in stores, magazines, TV shows.. And I just can't get enough of these. Burgundy,  mustard, teal, emerald...I don't think I can explain why I like these so much, probably just cause they're such rich colors. I just love them!

So that's pretty much what I look for in a winter wardrobe! What are you curent fashion obsessions?
Btw, just letting you know that I'm starting a schedule for my posts: every Monday and Friday a new one. It's one of my resolutions to keep this up! Today's post is supposed to make up for the one I missed this Friday. Hope you enjoy! :)

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  1. Loved this, I just might do a similar post. Also I love beanies as I'm pretty sure you already know. Hope you're well! xoxo

  2. i want everything here! i love the trends right now x


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