Saturday Styling: Back to School

11:39 PM

Hi, girls! I'm so excited to share with you these outfits that I created on Polyvore! I know school will start soon for most of you, depending on where you live an how your education system is, but I figured I'd better post this as soon as possible, to give you some of my own ideas on what to wear to school. Now, I know some might have some more strict rules, so if the outfits do not appeal to that, maybe you could just change them to fit those rules. Btw, I'm only starting my second year of college on the 1st of October (that's how it works here), so I still have some time left, but I'm really excited about fall fashion as well so keep an eye for more outfits and videos on that.

Back to school no.2

Outfit no.1: This is definitely one of my favorite looks, and one I would wear the most. Over-sized knits are just so gorgeous looking and flirty. I love seeing this trend on anyone and I think it's such a nice feminine touch. Plus it's perfect to keep you warm on those windy autumn days. Jeans are probably my most worn during most seasons - fall being no exception. And then brown boots and a beige bag is definitely something I would invest in (I'm actually think I am going to shop for these two items this fall). And of course the Victorian long necklace is a perfect touch to the whole outfit.

Back to school no.1
Outfit no.2: This is a perfect, simple outfit for school with just some basics, but still adding a touch of femininity. I would definitely recommend getting a bag that fits all of your notebooks/notepads etc. and I think this over-the-shoulder one is perfect. So with a checked shirt (this one also has ruffles down the front) and some simple pants/jeans you're good to go. I honestly do not like wearing heels that much at school, but if you do that's fine - just switch the ballets with your choice heels. Oh, and it kinda reminds me of Spencer's outfits from Pretty Little Liars.

Back to school no.3
Outfit no.3: Even though it'll be fall, doesn't mean you have to stash your dresses in the back of your closet. Just add a cardigan for some extra warmth and maybe some tights and you're set for fall. Boots or flats- that depends on the weather or your preference. Then I would pair a burgundy colored scarf or something jeweled toned (teal, mustard, burgundy, emerald green etc.) for a nice color - to get it out of the neutral zone. And of course some golden accessories.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these ideas of mine and that they inspired you somehow. I'm thinking of doing a video on some back to school outfits as well, so let me know what you think about that! Have a great weekend!



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  1. I ami LOVE with the boots in the first pic:ooo ! There soo pretyyy ! and also the pullover ! and i amalso in love with the cahanelnailpolih in the last picture ! great outfitts ;)
    ( follow me:) )

  2. Love all of your outfits!! Perfect jewelry you added too!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Such cute outfits! The last one is my favorite! Good luck with starting school and whatnot :)

  4. Cute outfits my favorite is the first one

  5. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog! We are similar in a lot of ways : ) New follower, and I am subscribed to your YouTube channel now also!

    XO, Kelsey


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