Outfit ideas no.26 (Browns & a Touch of Mint)

3:15 PM

Hi, girls! As promised in my last post, here's another outfit ideas post and I'm always so excited to post these and show you what I wore, rather than what pictures I found of others. But I don't have enough clothes & time to take pictures in order to show you everything I want, so that's where Pinterest & Polyvore comes in handy. Today I just went to do some shopping with my boyfriend, having a nice, relaxing day - which is why I decided to go for sandals/ flip flops, to keep me comfy all day long. I've always been a fan of neutrals, like brown & beige and if you've been following me for a while you probably already know that - and the lace on the top makes it even a better item to me, since I love that feminine look that lace gives. So that's what I've been sporting today, but I decided to go for a touch of mint on my nails to make it look more.."freshy" for the summer. I love the mint nails so much! I think it's a great subtle touch to your look. And then I picked golden accessories, which go perfectly with browns. And I think the belt is a great item to make sort of a "transition" from the top to the bottoms, just giving a more put-together look.

What I'm wearing:
1. Skinny jeans- from Bershka   2. Lace top - local store  3. Brown belt (came with a dress)  4. Leather bag  5. Bracelets & Earrings   6. Flip flops   (all of these last ones are from local stores)

Let me know what you think and I hope you have a wonderful day!



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