Saturday Styling: Chevron Patterns

10:04 AM

Hi, girls! Welcome to a first Saturday Styling post! For today I decided to style on Polyvore some different chevron patterned items of clothing, just to give you some ideas. If you don't know what chevron means, it is that zig-zag pattern which you'll see below in the outfits I created. And it is becoming a more and more popular trend this summer, being used from the tiniest details (such as a chevron belt, or bracelet) to full dresses or tops - it is even used in home decor, as wall painting and so on. So check out the outfits I've come up with:

How to wear: Chevron top 2

Outfit no.1: I love the subtle chevron pattern as well as the bold ones, and I think this soft blouse would go great with a slight colorblocking effect given by the yellow toned skirt. As for shoes, I would go for either high-heeled sandals (which could be brown or nude) or some strappy flat sandals. A brown belt would be the perfect item to tie these two items together. And golden jewelry all the way for this outfit!

How to style: Chevron tops

Outfit no.2:This vibrant blouse screams summer, and I think it has that beachy feel to it. I paired it with simple white shorts and then brown toned sandals & bag- which has a great texture and look for summer. For other accessories I think gold looks amazing with this outfit, especially if you're tanned.

How to wear: Chevron Dress

Outfit no.3: I love high-low dresses or skirts for the summer- I think they give that soft feminine look. And this chevron one is no different, though it also gives a tribal look to the outfit. I paired it with some green/jade colored earrings and then gold/ beige for the other accessories & shoes. I think this outfit is great for a summer party or hanging out with friends - since it can be styled down as well.


How to wear: chevron blazer

Outfit no.4:  This outfit is actually a 2 in 1, cause I could make my mind on how to style the chevron blazer, so I thought: why not make two outfits out of it? A quick tip for when you're wearing chevron patterns is to try and make the other items in your outfit have the colors in the chevron lined item. For example, here the blazer has some sort of coral/red-ish tone, navy and beige - therefore, those are the main colors I've used for my outfits. 

Hope you liked this Saturday Styling post! Let me know what you'd like to see next Satuday! Which outfit is your favorite and would you wear chevron patterns? 
Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!



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  1. lovely outfits! love the first one a lot!

  2. lovely sets!so many inspirations.i like the first and the third.great post.

  3. @chocolatefashioncoffee: Thank you! Glad you liked these outfits.

    @Despina T.: Thanks! How can you not love summer fashion?! :)


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