How to wear: pastels

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This up-and-coming trend has been among us for a while now and more & more girls are adopting it. Great for spring & summer since it's based on those pale, calm colors that bring life, yet stay slightly on the neutral side. I am definitely embracing the pastels trend for this season. I love combining the colors and making unexpected outfits out of it. So I decided to create a few on Polyvore and show you how I would style this trend, with different pastel items.

Pretty in Pastels

Some basic accessories and beauty products in pastels are also welcomed, as you can see from the examples above.

And as for the outfits, here they are:

Pretty in Pastels no.1

Outfit no.1: With a pastel, classy shirt you can do wonders. Even if you're planning a fancy outfit or a comfy-casual one, it is a great item to have in your closet. Plus pastel accessories are so in right now and I love-love the way they look on gorgeous tanned skin (too bad I'm not that yet..haha!). As for shoes and purse, I would go for neutral tones, to add up to the "faded" look of the pastels.

Pretty in Pastels no.2

Outfit no.2: Second pastel item that would be great to own for this season - pastel pants. The ones in this picture are not exactly that faded to be really pastels, but you get the point.. Pairing these with a fitted denim jacket and simple blacks (or even browns) would make a great outfit. Of course, plus some jewelry of the same kind.

Pretty in Pastels no.3

Outfit no.3: These three pastel colors are one of my fave combo for this trend. I think the beige/pale yellow + mint + rosy pastel make the sort of color theme you would see on a delicious candy or ice-creams -- me and my cravings. Haha! :)  Anyway, I think it looks gorgeous and combined with brown toned and gold accessories this is a perfect summer outfit.

So those are my three outfit proposals for the pastels trend. I would love to hear your opinion, so don't forget to leave a comment below, letting me know if you liked this, if you like to see more posts like this or if you have any suggestions, requests.



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  1. Love the 3rd outfit <3 Pastels look great in summers!!!!

  2. Pastels are sooo gorgeous! Love the middle outfit!


  3. Nice selection, I think it'd be pastel everything for me!

  4. I like your outfits and style.


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