Outfit ideas no.24 (Travelling outfit)

11:41 AM

Hi, everyone! I took the pictures for this outfit post a couple of days ago, when I went home to see my family. We (me and my boyfriend) went by train and I've gotta tell you..I really didn't miss a four-hour train ride, but it was worth it, cause I really missed my brother and my parents. Oh, and my puppy as well..haha! :) So this outfit is a really, really casual one cause I wanted to be comfy. And even though it's almost summer, these past few days have been really cold out here. But it got better now. So, no more chit-chat - let's get down to the outfit:

What I'm wearing:
1. My usual skinny jeans  2. Pale-pink sweater  3. Black blazer  4. Leopard print scarf  5. Avon long necklace  6. Golden butterfly ring - from New Yorker  7. Simple, nude flats

Oh, and I've got some BIG news! I might be starting a Youtube beauty&fashion channel. I've been thinking about it for some time now and I've already got a camera, but I'm not sure I actually have the guts..Haha! :) I think it's a bit different from blogging, cause a blogger is pretty much -let's say- "hidden" behind some words and pictures, while a youtuber is right up there. I guess confidence comes in time.. But I was wondering what do you all guys think? Should I or shouldn't I? Would you be interested in seeing videos from me? 



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  1. I love this outfit it's so nice! I'd say YouTube sounds quite good :) xx

  2. I really love this outfit :) it's very chic and simple! Perfect. I think you should GO FOR IT :) I'd definitely tune in :)


  3. lovely outfit :) cute necklace!


  4. Nice outfit! I love the way pink looks on you! :)

    Destination Moi

  5. Beautiful outfit! That pink is a lovely colour on you x


  6. I love that ring, you look great :)

  7. Your sweater's so pretty, I adore the pale pink colourl :P


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