Outfit ideas no.17 (Winter style)

9:59 AM

Hi, everyone! This is my first outfit post of the year. It's been pretty cold outside lately and we had a bit of snow, but not a lot of it. I actually realized that my hometown is colder than the city I'm living in right now. I guess my hometown's closer to the mountains and that's why. But I'm really enjoying the weather here, in my new city. I like warmth and I can't wait for spring to come (yeah, I know, winter's just started, but still!). 
And here's my cozy winter outfit for the really cold weather: 

I'm wearing:

1) Sweater dress: local store 2) Leggings: local store 3) Coat: gift from my cousin 4) Scarf: gift from my mother 5) Leather bag: vintage, was my mom's 6) Boots: Deichmann

I hope you liked my post! How's the weather where you live? :)
Oh, and btw, I've done my hair a bit differently for these photos. I've put it on hair curlers and left it for about half an hour. I liked the look, but it took more time than usual. What do you think?
Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh wow it is properly cold therre! You look gorgeous though :) winter chic definitely! Love the scarf + coat!


  2. Your hair looks lovely, worth the extra time for sure! And I like your coat, it looks really similar to mine! :)
    <3 Carrie

  3. nice outfit! perfect for the cold weather I live in, very inspiring!


  4. @fashionismyh2o: Yeah, it was! But it didn't last long. It feels like spring is coming already..Haha! :) I'm glad you liked my outfit.

    @Carrie: Yeah, I thought so too about the hair. It was for the holidays. And I love wearing this coat, I find it so versatile and comfy :)

    @Ariel: Thanks! Glad it inspired you :)

  5. cute winter outfit! <3 looks cozy. Where I live, the weather can be outrageous. Recently, it's been like 50 degrees in the morning, and 80 degrees in the afternoon.


  6. You look really warm and wrapped up here :-)

  7. @April Cheung: Thank you! Weather is so weird here: one day is freezing cold and snowy, and the next it's like spring.

    @Kfedland: Haha! :) I had to be, cause otherwise I would freeze.


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