Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to wear: fur vests

Here's another 'how to wear', featuring a really upcoming trend, the fur vests. These are my ideas of how you could wear them:

Outfit no.1: Beige fur
The combo of beige and brown tones gives that warmth feel/look to any outfit and I love this combination during autumn/spring. Simple pair of jeans is what you'll need for this outfit, in addition to the slouchy sweater. The fur vest gives the outfit a bit more shape and also keeps you warm, so I think it's a great choice for this season. The H&M bag is one of my favorites and I think the beige wedge boots look really good with this combo.

Outfit no.2: Nude combo
Here are a few different tones of beige/light browns combined for a sweet and innocent look. The brown fur vest makes the outfit look less plain/boring. And a few accessories are a great touch to style the outfit up a bit. (a belt-bracelet, a pair of feather earrings etc.)

Outfit no.3: A touch of black
This simple combination will be both effective and easy to achieve, since it's composed of basic clothing items, like a pair of skinny jeans, a black blouse, a black scarf and a pair of black boots. Then the fur vest makes it be less dark, together with the light brown beanie, and the turquoise ring gives it a bit of color.

Outfit no.4: Sweater dress combination
And a slightly different way of wearing a fur vest, aside from the jeans, would be the sweater dress. Pair the whole thing with some statement earrings, a matching bag and some booties to complete the outfit. Tights are a great clothing item to wear this season, since it keeps your legs warmer and it also gives the outfit a bit more flare. 

Hope you liked the outfits! Do you like fur vests? And, if so, how would you wear them?
Thanks for reading!



  1. Awesome outfits, as per usual! I love outfit 3, I would totally wear that, if I can find a nice fur vest on sale! :)
    <3 Carrie

  2. The third outfit is definately my favourite! x

  3. @Carrie: Aw, thanks! I'm on the look for one too! Let me know if you find one. I'd like to see how you wear it :)

    @Livi: I'm glad you liked it. It was one of my faves to create. Hope I can find a cute fur vest soon, so that I can actually wear it :)

    @Ilaria Tomasso: Thank you! I'm really glad you liked that one. That color combo is one of my faves too :)

  4. Love the suggestions dear, the outfits are gorgeous! I happen to be looking for a fur ves to buy, thanks for sharing!


  5. @Paula: I'm glad you liked my outfits. I'm looking for one too. Let me know if you find one :)

  6. Look 2 is my favorite, so cute!


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