What to wear: this Christmas

11:20 AM

I was thinking these days about what I could wear this Christmas season and opened my Polyvore page to create a few outfits with the ideas that I had. So, here is the post about that, each outfit containing at least one item containing some red/red-ish tones in it. I am studying a lot these days and I'm also trying to keep my blog up to date, respond to your comments and visit your blogs as well. I enjoy blogging a lot. It's like a recreation for me. Anyways, here are the outfits I created for this Christmas:

Outfit no.1: Cozy in colorful leggings
I found these colorful leggings that I thought were so cute for Christmas, and paired them with a long cozy sweater and a pair of ankle boots. Then accessorized it a bit and there you have it. 

Outfit no.2: Pretty in pink
Get your favorite pair of jeans, a baggy pink/purple-ish sweater, a pair of ankle boots and a matching jacket. Add a pair of leather gloves for a sophisticated touch and a pair of feather earrings for a scent of femininity. That's what you need for a comfy, yet pretty outfit for Christmas.

Outfit no.3: Comfy and cute
A fury vest is really great to keep you warm, but also give you a stylish look for this Christmas. A simple sweater underneath, a pair of jeans and some accessories are everything you need to style it up a bit.

Outfit no.4: Leather pants for a sexy Christmas look
Here's how to dress up a pair of leather pants for Christmas. A red, flirty top and an off-white blazer is what you'll need. Then a pair of stylish high-heels or ankle boots (depending on how fancy is the party you're attending), and a few accessories. A pearl necklace is a nice classy touch to this outfit.

Outfit no.5: Classy all the way
Red and black. A color combo that is perfect for a classy and elegant Christmas party. Get a red dress suitable for your body type, a black blazer and a pair of black heels. Accessories are all you need to add in order to make the outfit work. And there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know, what are you wearing this Christmas? Or which one of these outfits would you wear? Also, I would really appreciate it if each one of you would give 3 suggestions of future posts. I'm trying to make a list and I would like to get more ideas!

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  1. I really can't decide witch one I like the most , they are all so perfect

  2. You put together the best outfits! I'm especially loving #3 and #4!
    Got you entered in our giveaway! Good luck!! We have 2 more coming up soon!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Oh I love these! Especially the top set and the bottom one :) gorgeous!


  4. @Maya: Aww, thanks so much!

    @Jayme And Mendi: Thank you, girls! I'm glad to join your giveaway and I'm keeping my fingers crossed so I get the gorgeous gifts you're offering! :)

    @fashionismyh2o: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked them. Your opinion means a lot too me, as well as all of my readers'! :)

  5. I simply adore outfits 4 & 5! Lovely post, Thanks for sharing :) c

  6. Oooh looks 4 and 5 are my favs! Very cute!

  7. outfit 1 and 3 are my favs


  8. @Little Miss Em: Well, thank YOU for reading! I'm glad you liked those elegant outfits :)

    @Leeann: Thanks! Happy to know you liked those! :)

    @April Cheung: I love to wear outfits like those for when I want to feel cozy and comfy in my outfit. It's nice to know you liked them too!

    @ShannonC86: Glad to hear that! Thank you :)

  9. Love them all. My fav has to be the first one since I love the colorful leggings

    The shirt in outfit 2 and the jacket in outfit 3 I would personally change

  10. Nice selection!
    Did u saw my giveaway?


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