A village of 7 billion people

11:35 AM

I recently found this interesting interactive thing on a website. It says that on October the 31st, the human population has reached 7 billion people. And what this website does is: it shows you how you would fit into this whole world reduced to only a village of 100 people. It is quite interesting, but also a bit sad to see how many people in this imaginary "village" have a college degree, a mobile phone, how many go to bed hungry every night and so on. 

If you want to discover YOUR place in the global village, click here to take a look at the website. It's worth to check it out. Here are the statistics in general:

In the global village of 100 people:
49 would be women, 51 men
82 would be people of colour
26 would be 14 or younger
8 would be over 65
31 have experienced cancer in one form or another
7 have a college degree
77 have a mobile phone
30 have internet access
16 cannot read or write
20 do not have regular access to electricity
13 would go to bed hungry every night
33 would be Christian; 22 Muslim; 14 Hindu
10 own half of all the wealth in the village

I hope you found this interesting too. What is your opinion and how do you fit in this village? Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! :)

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  2. omg. we were just talking about this in my AP Environmental class.



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