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Gifts are not easy to find, especially since most people seem to already have everything they need. But buying presents does not have to be that difficult and it also doesn't need to put a dent in your wallet. A really expensive gift is not necessarily a great one. All you need is a few ideas, a bit of imagination and a lot of love. Here are a few ideas that might help you:

1. Books. I'm pretty sure everyone has at least one favorite author or topic they're especially interested in. So just find it out and get them a book related to it.

2. Hat/Gloves/Scarf. This is a nice gift, especially for this cold season. You could even get them a matching set. It's great to keep you warm, but can also be accessorized to different outfits.

3. Personalized T-shirts, pillow cases, etc. These can be made in a specialized store and they can print anything on the t-shirt or pillow case, whether it's a nice picture or a thoughtful message.

4. Lotions/Creams baskets. This is usually a nice gift for the ladies. There are all sorts of baskets like this made in most stores and you can get one you think it's suitable for that person. Moisturizing ones are especially needed for the cold season.

5. Gift card. This has become a pretty popular idea lately. You can just go to their favorite store and get a gift card of whatever value you wish, depending on your budget. And they can go and pick themselves what they wish. But if you want that person to feel a bit more special, you could accompany them to the store, so that they don't feel like you got that gift card to get rid of them.

6. Annual magazine subscription. Find out their favorite subject, topic or even magazine, and get an annual subscription to that. It's not that expensive and they will be reminded the whole year of your thoughtful gift.

7. Photo Album. Take some time and pick your favorite pictures of you and that person, or the two of you together, and put them in an album. Write something nice on the cover of the album and it's a great & personalized present.

8. Picture Frame. If you don't have the time or money to make a whole album, just print one picture and frame it. It's nice and simple.

9. Christmas Ornament. This is a pretty typical gift for Christmas, but it works for most people. Pick something that has some sort of a meaning for the two of you, so that it's more special.

10. Personalized mug. I found a few pictures of mugs that are so, so cute. They can be two matching ones, and you get to keep one and the other give it to them. It's a nice gift and they will definitely make use of it.

11. Scented candles. I personally love these and, especially during this cold season, candles placed all around the room can be of such great comfort. And with all the different smells and shapes, you'll definitely find something appropriate.

12. Alphabet framed print. I got this idea from the internet. I found on some website the picture below. Of course it costs a lot on their store, but you can make one yourself. Get a longer frame and print a few pictures, each containing in some way the letters of their name. Then frame them together. I think it's such a cute idea!

13. Initial pendant necklace. This gift is a really simple, but nice one.

14. Couples pillow case/ mug set. I think this is a great and cute gift for you and your other half. Here's what I'm talking about:

15. Digital frame. This is something I've been wanting for such a long time, that I wish I can get soon. I'm dying for a digital frame that I can connect a USB to it and change the pictures constantly. I think it's a great gift, though it's a bit more on the expensive side.

I hope this was a helpful post and that I gave you a few ideas for gifts. So, what presents are you getting this Christmas? Whether it's for your boyfriend, girlfriend, brothers, parents etc.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. What great ideas! I really love the couples pillow cases, they're super cute!!
    <3 Carrie

  2. I love it ;)

  3. Really cool ideas for this christmas...^^

    God Bless you...

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  4. Really great ideas Madeline :) I think looking for something a little different to the cliche chocolates/smellies etc is lovely. Books are one of my all time favourite gifts <3


  5. that Cinderella carriage is beautiful !


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