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Hey, guys! I know some of you have already started school or are about to. I'm going to college this fall, I start on the 3rd of October and I'm so excited for that. So, I think this post is good for both school or college or for this season in general. Now, I don't know how the weather is in each corner of the world, and I've decided to make different outfits, some for warm weather and some for a bit more cold weather. So, I guess you can also call it a sort of 'transition' post, from summer to autumn. Anyway, hope you like the outfits. Here they are:

Outfit no.1

As you can tell, this outfit is good for a colder weather. A cozy sweater and scarf like that will definitely keep you warm. I love this color combo for this season, the dark blue and brown/beige, but I actually think I like it for any season. And, as most of you probably already know (cause I've been saying this a lot), I am dying to get a pair of ankle boots and the ones in this set are gorgeous, in my opinion.

Outfit no.2
I think this outfit is pretty famous, especially among the girls who have watched Gossip Girl. It's an outfit worn by Serena when she got back to school and, in my opinion, it's a really pretty one, so I tried to recreate it. Just take a white top, a black skirt and a cute tie, and it will make you stand out from the crowd. She was also wearing a beige vest and a black bag to complete the outfit.

 Outfit no.3
This outfit is a bit more casual and also for a colder weather, as you can tell. I chose a sweater a bit more colorful, paired with that teal top and a simple pair of jeans. All combined with a pair of brown ankle boots and some accessories. I think this is a great outfit for school if you want to be comfy, casual, but also really pretty.

Outfit no.4
This one is a more girlie outfit. I'm honestly not a big fan of pink, but if it's a lighter color and combined with some other tones, I think it look really pretty. So I chose this patterned skirt, and paired it up with some beige and dark-blue toned items. I think this outfit has a more elegant look, so it would be especially good for the first day of school.

 Outfit no.5
 This last outfit is good for both a weather a bit warmer, since the shirt is really sheer and flowy. It has a very pale pink shade and I think it looks really pretty combined with a pair of matching shoes. The skinny jeans and the brown bag add a bit of color to the outfit, so that it doesn't look faded. 

Also, if you have any suggestions/requests for a future 'how to wear' (a certain item, piece of clothing, trend) or 'what to wear' (to a certain event/occasion), let me know. I'd be glad to help!
Hope these outfits were an inspiration to you! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. love it. except for the skinny jeans. lol they don't fit me.. and heels... i try to avoid them now coz of health issues :(

  2. I love the last outfit, this is totally what I would wear!


  3. I love these!!! Last outfit is totally my style <3

  4. I love the jeans and the boots in the first outfit!

  5. Great outfits, no5 is my favourite, I love the sheer shirt! Also love the Gossip Girl inspired look, I love that show! x

  6. The last one is the absolute best. Haha
    District of Fashion

  7. I love the boots in the first set, they would look amazing with most outfits.

    And that Serena outfit must have been imitated by school girls everywhere when she wore it! :)

    Sadie x

  8. Absolutely adore your first outfit I would wear that head to toe :) the gossip girl inspired outfit is also gorgeous but I just know I'd have to add some tights or my friends would murder me for my complaining ha-ha!

    Great outfit builds once again my deary! Absolutely love what you choose :) you can come help me decide what to buy on a shopping spree ANYDAY!


  9. i love the last outfit! i have some nudey pink heals and now i know what to wear them with! Xx

  10. I love outfit nr 1 and 5 the most. Ahh I just saved them to my outfit inspirations folder and I can't wait to recreate them <3

  11. I love the 1st one and last one! have fun at college :)

    come visit and enter my contest?

  12. Nice outfits!


  13. @Gabrielle: I'm glad you do!

    @Arianne Cruz: Well, all of these outfits go great with flats or sandals too, so you can replace heels with those. Hope you won't have health problems for too long :)

    @Erica Marie: Glad you like it :)

    @Sandra: That's nice to hear!

    @Alba M: Thanks! I think it's a more elegant, but still a bit casual outfit. Can be worn to so many occasions. :)

    @Cherry: I really like those boots too. I especially like that color.

    @Caroline: I'm glad you liked these outfits. I liked Serena's outfit a lot too :)

    @Buky: Haha! Glad you like it :)

    @Veronica: It's the one I'm most proud of, haha! Though these are all outfit I would wear.

    @What Sadie Did: Me too, I'm dying to get a similar pair. And, yeah, Serena's lok is pretty popular :)

    @fashionismyh2o: Glad you like these! And yeah, tights would look nice with that outfit, I guess it depends on how cold it is outside. And thank you so much, I'd love to go shopping with you. :)

    @Alex: Thank you!

    @Char: Haha! :) Thanks, I'm glad I could inspire you.

    @Esther: Aww, thank you so much! :) It's so nice to hear that.

    @Elizabeth: I'm glad you liked them! And thanks, I will! :)

    @t: Thanks!

  14. loving all of these looks <3 great post

  15. all these are like the came out of gossip girl so cool!!

    love them wanna go back to school too hihi

    kisses <3


  16. I like so much the outfit N°5!!! It's perfect!!


    This is my blog, i hope you go to have a look! ;)

    Bye! :)

  17. @Catalina: Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

    @Caramellitsa: Haha! I can't wait to get back to school either, actually to college. :)

    @Balda: Thanks! I will check it out. :)


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