How to wear: Pretty Little Liars inspired outfits

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Hi, guys! This is an outfit ideas post, featuring the 4 girls of the so popular TV show, Pretty Little Liars. If you follow me on twitter, you probably already knew this was coming up. I've made outfits similar to those in a picture where they're all together, and then for each of the girls I've made two different outfits, so that you get the style and how they wear these clothes. So here they are:

Spencer Hastings

Her style is a more elegant and sophisticated one, with a bit of a vintage touch. Whether she wears casual outfits or more formal ones, she always looks nice. She is a hard-working student in the TV show, so her outfits need to be appropriate for that. Here are some of her outfits and the remakes I created, so that you get the idea:  

Aria Montgomery

Aria's style, as you probably already know, is a bit more rocker-chic. Her signature style is the floral or simple dress paired with a black leather jacket and a nice pair of boots. But she also wears skinny jeans or simple black pants in the show. Here are two of her outfits:

Hannah Marin

Hannah has a more girly style, she often wears tops/ blouses in a light shade of pink, but her outfits have a bit of edge. My favorite type of outfits from her are the ones where she wears a pair of black/dark skinny jeans, a flowy/baggy top and a pair of high heels. These are some of her outfits:

Emily Fields

Emily definitely has a more casual, laid-back style, which fits with her athletic skills and aspirations. She usually wears jeans in the show, whether it's full-length ones, denim shorts or denim skirts, paired with some simple tops and cardigans in different colors. Here's a few examples:
Hope you liked my post! Let me know what you think of the show. I think it's a really great one, with intriguing episodes and lots of mysteries. I truly enjoy watching it. Plus, the girls are so pretty and I'm always curious of what they're gonna wear in the next episodes. 
Which one of the girls is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. great post! love the outfits!

    i love all of them i can never just choose one favorite character in PLL also i love all of their styles but i think i kind of like Aria's style the most

    which one is your favorite character and which characters style do you like the most ?

  2. Wow...In some cases I prefer your choices than the original one ;-)

    Love the first 4 outfits part!



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  4. nice post)
    kisses and hugs from

  5. I like Hanna's style the best, it's very similar to mine. :)

  6. What a great post (again!) I absolutely love Aria's style it's very similar to mine and I adore how she looks so fabulous in simple black pants - I need to work out how to do that ;) gorgeous outfit builds they do look >just< like the actual outfits :) very impressive!


  7. I loved this post cause I love PLL :)
    great choices!!

  8. Lovely post :)
    I really need to watch the series properly, I watched a few then missed some and I think it's definately a programme that you cannot miss an episode of, or you get really confused!

  9. I love Aria's style :) love the boots and the socks and stockings, dresses, etc

  10. My favourite is Hannah :)

  11. I love this post!!! i am obsessed with pretty little liars. all of them have amazing style!
    would love it if you could take part in my midweek blog challenge?

  12. I like the first grouping for Emily. That's totally something I would wear.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. great post, definitely know how I'm gonna dress this fall:D Emily is my favourite, so sexy and relaxed, and I absolutely love her skin tone:X

  14. Great post about the 'followers thingy' I think its quite rude as well. I used to do it when I girst started in the blogsphere but then I after people started leaving me such messages I thought twice about it and I stopped.

    My favourite fashionista in this show would have to be Aria. I love everything she wears and Spencer as well... well sometimes lol :D

  15. @NenaTH: Thanks! I actually don't really have a favorite. I think I wear a bit of every style, depending on how I feel each day. :)

    @bornineightytwo: Thank you! It's nice to hear that. :)

    @Diana: Thanks!

    @Sandra: I like her style too, for when I want to dress a bit more girlie.

    @fashionismyh2o: I like her too, she has such a nice way of combining edgier outfits. And thank you! :)

    @Lucia Montes: Thanks! I' glad you liked it.

    @Mia: Thanks! And you should. It's a really interesting story. And I agree, you should watch them in order, cause every episode has something new.

    @Arianne Cruz: Me too. I love dressing up for this season and hers are perfect for fall.

    @modniza: You're welcome, and thank you for reading! :)

    @Katja: Thanks for sharing. I like her too!

    @Lucy: Thanks! I'm glad you like it. And yeah, definitely, it sounds like a really interesting one.

    @Jayme and Mendi: Me too. I loved her outfit and the boots I found are so great. I'd love to buy a pair :)

    @Andreea Hash: Thank you! And yeah, I'd love to have the color of her skin. No more worries about tanning during summer, haha! :)

    @Esther: Thank you! I'm glad you liked my article and Aria does have a great style. I love what she wears in the show. :)

  16. @DailyGlamour: Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

  17. Love this post, as i am SUCH a huge fan of pretty little liars!i love that they all have such individual style :) i'm officially your newest follower..xx

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