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As I've promised in my last Fall/Winter fashion post, here's another one from that series. I want to post a few more on fall fashion, simply cause it's my favorite. I love dressing up for fall. So, I thought I'd post a few of my favorite trends, colors, items and share with you my wishlist for this season. 

Accessories: Some definite must-haves when it comes to accessories for fall are scarves. I would pick a few simple ones, in different plain colors (like burgundy, beige, brown, green, teal) and a few patterned ones, so that you can mix and match them to different outfits. Another thing I would recommend getting are long necklaces and multiple bracelets. Those are great to accessorize a plain outfit and make it look more stylish. I love gold/vintage jewelry for fall, cause it goes so great with brown colors. Then, I would pick a few bags or clutches, also in simple colors and I would go for those which remind of fall, such as brown, burgundy, mustard, grey and so on. And the last type of accessory I like for fall is the beanie. I love to have a few in a beige, grey, black or a light/pale pink, to give a different look to some outfits.    

Jackets, blazers & vests: These items are great to keep you warm during the cold season, plus I like layering. I love blazers , they give you a bit of a more stylish-sophisticated look, without being too over-the-top. Then, I think vests are great to wear over simple sweaters or knit dresses and give them a bit more shape. So if you have a sweater or blouse that you feel it's too large/flowy for you, add a nice vest and it might work well to make the sweater look more fit. And then jackets are really needed for the cold weather. You can choose different colors, depending on what you like, for example beige, brown, black, grey and so many others. And you can get them in nice soft materials or leather, or with a bit of fur at the collar. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Tops & Sweaters: For tops, I would go for more simple ones that you can layer with other patterned blouses or sweaters. Get a few in basic colors like: grey, black, white, brown,  and then a few in more bold colors, like burgundy, teal, mustard, to spice up your fall outfits. As for sweaters, I would go for both baggier ones and tighter ones, so that you can layer them up. Also cardigans are a good item to look for, cause you can just throw them on over a simple top and they keep you warm, but also change the look of your outfit.  

Skirts, shorts & dresses: I would go for skirts over-the-knee or knee-length, knitted or leather, or simple patterned, whichever you like. They go great with a pair of nice boots and a sweater. As for shorts, yes, you can wear during winter, but with a pair of tights to keep you warm (I will make a post soon on how to wear them). Dresses are also really nice for this season. I would go for floral ones, knitted ones or simple ones for a more elegant, sophisticated look.

Boots: And another must-have for this season are definitely boots. Ankle boots are really in right now, and that's what I'm going to be getting more for this season. But I also like more longer ones, under-the-knee. It depends on each outfit, so I would get a pair or a few pairs of each. As for colors, I would go for more basic ones, simply cause they're easier to match. So unless you can afford a lot of different ones, in different colors, I would suggest getting some in black, brown, beige or grey. These look great with almost anything.

Hope you liked my sets and items for fall! In case you want to check out my profile on polyvore, there's a badge below. Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I really love all of the scarfs!

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  3. I love all your picks! i need to go fall shopping now <3

  4. Great selection! I am so happy and relieved that we're going to wear ankle boots, vests and leather! x


  5. love all of it!!!great picks!!!


  6. Oh you've made me want to go shopping! Especially for some gorgeous scarves and skirts!!!
    <3 Carrie

  7. @Cherry: I'm glad you like those. I think they're great for this season.

    @TheGirlWithTheNotepad: I saw that you wrote something about the boots and I'm glad you liked those. You didn't have to erase the comment just because of a misspelled word. Happens to anyone & I don't mind that :)

    @Catalina: Thank you! I need to do that too.

    @Jess: Thank you! I'm glad you like these.

    @Carrie: I wanna go shopping too, this is like my wishlist (well, not all of these items, cause I can't afford that much). I'm really glad you liked my picks! :)

  8. Woww all these look fab <3 Thanks for sharing honey!!!

  9. Omg those boots are the bestest. Love the styles here

    Check out my fashion blog

    Followed also cuz this some really cool stuff

  10. I like all the pics cuz the clothing in there is cute!

  11. Great selection !Come to see me on my page

  12. This makes me super excited for winter! xx

  13. An absolutely gorgeous post, such a great inspiration for fall! I already bought black booties like on the pic and I still want a winter skirt... Thanks for your nice comment XX Nini

  14. Love it! i m following u now!
    Visit and follow us if u want :)


  15. Love your post :0 Thanks for passing by my blog ;) xo Queenbee96

  16. Madeline your picks are always so perfect! I totaly agree how accessories can make an outfit perfectly and I am obsessed with beanie hats at the moment too :p along with the largest collection of scarves in the country (I think ;p)

    I want everysingle one of the jackets you feature especially anything furlined and I'm obsesssed with the ankle boots -uhmazing!


  17. I love all the accessories and the 'tops and blouses', really warm and chic!


  18. @Rakhshanda: Well, thank you for reading! :)

    @Tiana: I'm glad you liked those. I'm craving for a pair like that too.

    @Melly: Thank you! :)

    @DailyGlamour: Thanks!

    @Abby: Oh, me too. I'm craving for a lot of stuff for this fall.

    @Nini: I'm really glad you liked my post. I'd like to get one too! And you're welcome :)

    @G.I: Thank you so much! I'll check out your blog for sure.

    @Queenbee96: Thanks! And you're welcome!

    @fashionismyh2o: Thank you! Accessories are definitely a must-have to any outfit. I have a few beanies too and I'm dying to get some more. Same for ankle boots. :)

    @Lolly: Thank you! I'm really glad that you like these :)

  19. Gorgeous finds! Love the accessories! xx

  20. i gave you a blog award, so if you want to see it, check out my blog :)


  21. gaaahhhh, i want all these! i want comfy scarves, knitted hats, jackets, coats, and blazers! and of course, ankle booties! :D

    <3, Mimi

  22. I love all the accessories and shoes! :)
    new follower, check out my blog, and hopefully follow :)


  23. You are getting me all excited about the autumn and winter clothes! So many things I want - especially knitwear (sweaters), coat and scarves!

  24. ahhh accessories and boots and sweaters... you're getting me all excited for the fall :)))

  25. this is perfection! If only you could wrap them all up and send to meeee!! k thanks :p

  26. I love those black boots!


  27. @Rhiannonvic: Thank you! Glad you liked them!

    @Lucia Montes: Oh, thank you so much! I'll let you know when it's up on my blog :)

    @Mimi: Me too! Wish I could have them all. I'm dying to go on a shopping spree for fall.

    @Simplychicxox: I'm glad you liked those. And I'll check out your blog. :)

    @Jai'me: I'm so excited about it too. Maybe cause ther a lot of changes in my life right now too. But I'm craving for some fall clothing as well! :)

    @Alba M: After create these sets and searching through so many gorgeous fall items of clothing, I'm really excited for it too!

    @Veronica: Haha! :) Thank you so much! Wish I coudl have these all too :)

    @Sandra: Thanks! I like those too!

  28. love the ring in the first set- great post love



  29. Dressing for fall is one of my faves. Layors are a lot of fun! You have some great picks.. The dresses that you picked are adorable and I'm loving the scarves and shoes... ok, I pretty much loved everything ;)

  30. Loooove your blog! You have awesome fashion sense!

    I followed! :) follow me back?


    -Ariel* xoxo

  31. awesome selection! i really like the rings, haha, wanna have it al <3


  32. I think I want most of the things on here...but I've promised myself to deal with the clothes and accessories I have for now....Maybe later.-Jessica



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