How to: wear floral prints

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As you know, floral prints are very in style right now, so I thought I'd make some outfits for you to see how you can wear them and what you can pair them up with. As a general rule, when you have one piece of clothing that's really colorful, the rest of your outfit should be rather plain/solid colors and mostly in the same range of color as your floral item. Unless you wanna look like a clown..haha. So let's get started:

No.1: Floral tank top. I paired it up with some black skinny jeans, beige shoes, beige clutch and some big golden earrings. And the glasses are a good match for the colors of the tank top.
floral print no.1

No.2: Floral dress. I've also paired this dress with beige/ light brown, because I think it complements the outfit nicely and it makes the dress stand out. So it has a pair of beige wedges, a light brown purse and a long two-piece necklace. It's a comfy outfit and very cute for summer days.

floral print no.2

No.3: Floral skirt. Paired with a light egg-shell tank top, a matching necklace, a brown belt, a brown bag and some beige high-heeled sandals. I love this combination of colors. And there's another example of how to wear a blue floral skirt in the picture below.

floral print no.3

No.4: Floral shorts. I chose two pairs of floral shorts, a beige with brown pair and a dark blue one. And I think the rest of the items go well with each one of the shorts. So what I chose: a a white tank top, a long vintage necklace, a pair of flat sandals and a blue bag.

floral print no.4

If you're looking to buy a floral dress, here are some suggestions (you can find more in my store):

Hope this was helpful and if you have any dress or blouse or anything that you don't know what to pair it up with, send me an e-mail and I'd be glad to help you create an outfit. You can find my e-mail address in my 'Contact me' page.
Which outfit do you like best and would you wear any of the outfits? Let me know :)

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