How to: wear animal prints

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The animal print trend has been going on for quite some time and it doesn't seem to ever go out of style. So I've decided to do some outfits on Polyvore in order to give you some ideas on how to wear and style animal printed clothes, and how I would personally wear them. One tip I think is useful when wearing animal prints is: don't use too many. I think a leopard print scarf or blouse look great combined with simple and plain colors; choosing an outfit that has animal print blouse, scarf, pants, bag and heels is just tacky, in my opinion.

Here are the five outfit ideas:

Number 1: Animal print scarf. I think this outfit is so great for so many occasions. It's pretty comfy, but also very stylish and the blazer gives it an elegant touch. The items I chose are: a beige top, a pair of loose white shorts,  a grey blazer, a beige-grey-ish bag, a pair of grey ankle-high boots and a leopard print scarf.

Number 2: Animal print cardigan. I think this outfit is great for taking a walk, going shopping and many other occasions. It's quite comfy and, if you're not very fond of high-heels (like the ones in my set), you could always replace them with a pair of flats and still look great in this outfit. So I've paired the animal print cardigan with: a black tank top, a pair of white shorts with a brown belt, a long golden necklace, a brown bag and a pair of brown high-heels. Also, If you've read my 20 Fashion Tips post, you probably know that one of the tips was, if choosing to use both black and brown in an outfit, you should also pick one piece of clothing that has both colors in it, to make the outfit 'blend' together better. This is a good example of that.

Number 3: Animal print dress. This a flowy dress that you could wear for more special events and I've paired it up with:  a pair of brown sandals, a brown clutch and a pair of golden earrings. The items I've chosen are pretty simple, because I don't think this dress needs too many accessories or ones that are too big.

Number 4: Animal print top. This outfit is great to wear during hot summer days and, since the top is black and grey, it's pretty versatile and you can wear it with so many different things. What I've chosen is: the animal print top, a pair of denim shorts, a grey bag, a pair of black/beige wedges and a beige bracelet.

Number 5: Animal print bag. This outfit can be worn on a daily basis, but also to different events. I've paired the animal print bag with: a grey-ish top, a pair of white pants, some golden bracelets and a pair of grey heels. I like the simplicity of this outfit and I think the animal print bag gives it the pop that makes a simple outfit stand out.

Hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for a future 'how to wear..' (a trend, style or piece of clothing)  or 'what to wear..' (to a certain event or occasion). 
Thank you for reading!

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  1. i have a animal print belt but i am not sure how to style it ( i am not even sure why i bought it lol.. well it was on sale lol)

    i wanted to ask you how would you style sheer white shirts ? i recently bought one and i am not sure how to style it :/

  2. So much so lovely clothes ! I love the colors, too lovely! The leopard dress, lanvin heels and the first outfit = gorgeous ! I want them right now!:p

  3. Great blog post, I've always been a bit scared of wearing animal prints.

  4. I'm loving all of these looks - especially the first one!

  5. they all look great, but i loove number 4 especially, and number 5. definitely will have to have a go at recreating them looks :)

  6. LOVE that was sold out in my size at H&M, though :(((((

  7. I love outfit number 5, neutrals with a popping bag, i like i like :)

  8. LOVING all of these outfits!!!

    Just came across your blog! Love it <3

    xo Jackie

  9. hi !
    i love your blog !


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