Hairstyle: Side Ponytail Half Updo

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This is a more elegant, classy look that you could wear for a party or any special event. It's really simple and easy to achieve. I've chosen three styles and photos of celebrities that are wearing this look and how you can get it yourself. So, let's get started:

Number 1: Sleek and simple curls. Eva Longoria is wearing these amazing curls at a red carpet event and the fact that most of her hair is pulled out from the face really makes her facial features and beauty stand out. So, to achieve this look you need to part your hair off-center, then brush it smoothly to one side and pin the hair from the front by your ear. The hair from the other side is going to be pinned too, but way further in the back, so that it looks like a ponytail. After that, you just curl the hair left loose and you could even apply a shine hairspray, so that your hair looks silkier.

Number 2: Wavy ends and side swept bangs. Here's another great example of an elegant ponytail, worn by Brittany Snow. The bangs are styled in a simple way, just brushed to the side and maybe added some hairspray to stay in place. And as for the other side of her face, she took out some pieces of hair to make it contrast better. The ponytail she's wearing is a little loose and if you want to achieve that wavy look, you should blowdry your hair with a diffuser, apply some texturizing leave-in conditioner or gel and scrunch the hair up with your fingers.

Number 3. Loose, curly ponytail. This last hairstyle belongs to Carrie Underwood, she's worn it to the Country Music Awards and it kinda reminds me of a Greek goddess. Now, for this look you'll also need to part your hair slightly off-center and your bangs should be styled to the same side as your ponytail. Comb your hair a little if you feel like you need a bit more volume and then tie it in a ponytail. Curl your loose hair, apply some hair spray and wait for about 15 minutes for it to cool down. Then gently run your fingers through your hair, to separate the curls a bit. You could also add some shinning hairspray to give it a healthier and nicer look.

So, there you have three ways to style your hair in a ponytail, half updo. Hope this was helpful to you and don't forget to follow me if you want to keep updated with my latest posts (you can do that through GFC, bloglovin or e-mail address).
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  1. you gave some very nice ideas!!!great hairstyles for summer love them!!

    kisses <3

  2. beautiful blog;);)

    i'm your follower, i hope u do too;)


  3. I love number 2 hairstyle!! ;)

  4. I love side ponytails, can't get my hair in one though as I've got too many short layers :(


  5. Carrie rocks this look! I love it on her!

  6. Wow!!! I'm really really, loving your blog!!! thanks for checking my blog! I'm already following yours!!! it's really cute and helpfull! thanks for this hairsyle tips! loved look number 2!! :D oh btw... about changing the name of the blog... I think M*Style is cute! or here's a crazy though... what about M*Bl-ogue hahah... or M*Vlogue or something like that! :D

  7. @Stephanie: You could try using more hairspray, so that your shorter layers stay in place. I also have shorter layers :)
    @Bereniice: Thanks for your ideas! Really appreciate it!

    And to all of you, thanks for your nice comments.I've responded to each of you on your own blog. :)


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