Hairstyle: Braided Headband

11:32 PM

I got a lot of requests to do more hairstyles, so here's one of them.
Braids are very popular this season and I think this hair style is great for any occasion. You can wear this when you go out with your friends, to the beach, to a party or anything.. I love the bohemian vibe that it gives.
Here's how it looks:

And here's how to achieve it:

  • First, brush your hair. Then separate the top part of your hair and clip it back, also choosing the line where you want your braided headband to be. Like this:

  • Now, from each side take a strand of hair and braid it. You can choose thinner strands of hair, if you want the look I have, or you can get bigger ones. It's up to you! :)  Here's an example:
  • What you're gonna do next is: you're gonna take a braid, pull it to the other side and clip it with bobby pins to secure it. Repeat with the other braid. Here's how it should look so far:

  • Release the hair that you clipped in the back and back comb it a little, just to give it some volume. And this is optional, but I think this hairstyle looks better with curls, so you can curl the bottom part of your hair, leaving the top as it is. Here's the finished look:

Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading!


Any requests for another hairstyle?

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