Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dusty Pink | What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I snapped these quick photos before taking the baby out on a stroll. This is another outfit that I've been wearing a lot when we go out on our walks, since it's super quick to put on and it makes me look like I didn't just roll out of bed. I'm wearing a dusty pink structured coat from Reserved, a pair of black leggings and my black suede ankle boots from Deichmann. I'm also wearing a pink bag from Bershka. I love that it fits a lot in there, especially since I need to carry a lot of things for the babe. Underneath the coat I have on a pink turtleneck sweater from Zara, which has some pearls on the cuffs - I love this detail about it. 

You've probably already noticed that there's this new trend going on with the pearls - you can find jeans with pearls, tops with pearls, ANYTHING with pearls on basically. I absolutely love this trend, but unfortunately I felt quite limited when shopping for these items, since I don't want to buy jeans or trousers with them on because I'm still losing the baby weight, so I feel like it would be pointless since they might not fit me in a few months. And I also can't really get a top with lots of pearls around the neckline, because I constantly have a baby on me so it would be uncomfortable. So when I found this sweater in Zara I thought it would be perfect for me! Maybe in a few months I'll also get a pair of jeans with pearls, but for now I'll have to stick to this. I feel like this postpartum period is quite an awkward in-between stage for clothing, but I'm trying to work with it. :)

Have a great week!

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Monday, March 12, 2018

What I Ate #1 | Boosting Milk Supply

"What I Ate" blog posts and videos are some of my favourites to make and watch/read, so I decided to make them more often...or at least I'm going to try to do so. I usually post these on my Youtube channel on Wednesdays, but since I already have a post going up every Wednesday here (What I Wore Wednesday), I thought I will just post these randomly on my blog on other days of the week, whenever I remember to take snaps of my meals throughout the day.

In the morning I had a very simple breakfast: a boiled egg (I boil them for 5 minutes and they turn out perfect, still a bit runny) and some toast with butter. I recently started cutting the toast into little strips, so it's easier to dip in the egg. It's one of my favourite breakfasts at the moment!

Also, while I play with little Victor (who is now 4 months old, by the way), I have a cup of coffee. I use the pods from my Tassimo everyday and I love the flavour. Today I had a cappuccino - very fitting for my blog, hehe! :) 

For lunch, I made a quick salad with whatever we had in the fridge that day. I mixed bell pepper, cucumbers, corn, olives, feta cheese & red onion sprouts. I love these sprouts, they give such a nice flavour to any meal, especially in salads. I also had some garlic bread on the side of that.

After lunch I usually have my lactation tea, since I'm still breastfeeding/pumping a lot and I need to up my supply. I keep switching them up, but I'm currently having this one tea from Humana. I also take these MORE MILK PLUS supplements from Motherlove and I do think they help a bit with my supply issues.

We ended up ordering food for dinner, since I was too exhausted to cook (this happens a lot now that we have a little baby on our hands). This is one of my favourite dishes: linguine pasta with salmon, asparagus and white garlic sauce. Delish! I actually also tried to cook this combo myself another evening and it turned out super good. It's quite simple to make, yet very tasty.

Hope you enjoyed today's What I Ate! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Grey Coat & Leopard Print | What I Wore Wednesday

Today's What I Wore Wednesday features a special guest: little baby Victor. We took these photos when the weather was pretty nice outside, although lately we've had quite freezing temperatures so we didn't venture out for too long. I was also sick, so I didn't really feel like going out in the cold. Thankfully, we're all good now, but we're waiting for warmer weather so that we can have picnics outside and play in the grass. So far I've been taking Victor outside in the stroller and he seems to enjoy it (usually falls asleep while we're out on our walk), but lately he's been more curious and sometimes wants to be held so that he can look around. It's really cute! 

As for my outfit, it's one of the usual combinations that I currently wear. I have on this grey coat from C&A that I got a few years ago. Underneath (you can't really see) I have a fluffy black sweater and a pair of black leggings - super simple for layering. My boots are the black suede ankle boots from Deichmann and I also have on a leopard print scarf from Lidl. It was from the Heidi Klum collection that they had in Lidl. I love it so much, I wear this scarf in many different combinations and it brings more style to my otherwise boring outfits.

In case any of you are wondering about Victor's outfit, he is wearing a polar bear outfit from H&M. I put him in this a lot since it's super warm and cosy - plus he looks so adorable, perfect for being snuggled up! :)

Have a great week!

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Monday, March 5, 2018

WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A MOM #1 | 3 Month Old Baby

Happy Monday! Hope you're all off to a great start of the week! I decided to start a new series on my blog featuring some snaps that I take throughout the week (or weeks, since sometimes I don't post that many things in just one week). I wanted to share here the weekly photos I put up on Instagram, so that I can also catch you up on recent experiences we're having. 

Firstly, let me just say that I adore putting little Victor in this polar bear outfit from H&M. I also had the brown one that they have in store, but that one is now too small for him *weeping*, so I've had to switch to a bigger size. I honestly feel like he is growing up way too fast!

When I sent my hubby to get some quick groceries from Lidl, he came back with these. I'm so glad that tulips are back in store! And I'm so excited for it to finally be spring. Hopefully it won't be long until we get some actual warm weather.

This was my breakfast for a few days in the past few weeks. You know when you discover a new combo that you fall in love with and you keep repeating it over and over again?! Well, this is what happened with this combo. It's the basic avocado toast, except it has red onion sprouts on top - it gives an amazing flavour. I love it! And I had an egg on the side. Perfecto!

Sometimes, as a mom, you just want a moment of peace and quiet. So I'm trying to have a quiet moment to myself in the kitchen... but there's some creepy dude stalking me constantly. Send help! :P

As you may or may not know, I'm currently trying to bring my milk supply up, so I am doing everything you could possibly think of to achieve that. I'm not sure if there's a milk supply booster that I haven't tried - haha! Ok, that's an exaggeration, but really - if you have any suggestions for that, let me know in the comments and I'll give it a try if I haven't already. Here, I was having an oatmeal breakfast with jam on top and a lactation tea on the side. It does seem to help a bit, but I think I'll talk more about increasing milk supply in a separate post one day.

This photo was taken about a month ago - I think - and at that point, Victor was going to bed super early, at around 6 p.m. So I took advantage of this solid bedtime and, while hubby watched him, I got a wild mommy outing - haha! Jk, I actually went shopping on my own for the first time in a very long time. Two hours of walking around the mall! It was glorious!

I think Victor has a new bestie: he loves snuggling this little sheep lovey. might have noticed in the first photo that his socks are getting waaay too small for him. But I had no choice until the H&M order arrived with some properly sized socks. 

I think it's safe to say from this photo that his gums have probably started bothering him a lot more! Haha! He will chew on anything, but he especially loves his daddy's hand. :))

Often times I spend baby's naptime catching up on some baby reading or trying to find new things I could do to entertain him... #momlife. I'm loving this book to keep up with what's new with his development, what milestones we could expect etc. I've also heard a lot about the Wonder Weeks app, so I got it recently and I'm feeling very intrigued by the leaps that babies have. Victor is definitely having one at the moment. If you have a small baby, I would highly recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about some things we're currently experiencing! 
Have a great week!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Nursery Tour & Organization Tips | Minimalist Baby Room

Putting together the nursery was probably one of the most exciting things I got to do during pregnancy. I loved buying little bits for my baby and it made me feel more calm and happy, because I felt more prepared for when he would arrive. If you follow me on Youtube, then you've probably already seen the Nursery Tour video. But just in case you haven't, I wanted to make a blogpost all about it. I also got a lot of questions about random things I got for his nursery, so I thought it would be easier for some to just come back to this post and have a quick glance if they're looking for something in particular from my nursery.

We wanted to keep everything quite minimalist and we didn't want to just paint to whole room a color, like blue or something. So we kept the walls white and the floors are just an oak-type of wood floors. This is very much in sync with the rest of our apartment, so we didn't see a point in changing it. We bought most of the furniture from Ikea - we loooove Ikea and their style. It's super simple and with clean lines - which is perfect for us! We tried to add a bit of color into the room with small details like the frames above the changing table/dresser or the tree wall decal. If you're interested to know where something is from, I will have a list at the end of this post with most of the things you can see in the pictures above. If you would like to know more details about something in particular, feel free to message me or leave a comment below.

As follows, you will be able to see how I organised all of his clothes and random items. We basically just have two storage places for him: the dresser and the big wardrobe. 

By the way, in case you're thinking we have a LOT of clothes - we actually didn't buy most of them, they were either gifted to us or they were hand-me-downs from my brother in law. We basically received a lot of clothes which was great, because buying baby clothes can get quite pricey if you add them all up.

For the wardrobe, I separated his clothes by size/age, each shelf holding a different size. For example, I have a shelf filled with newborn things, one 0-2 months, 2-4 months, 4-6 months get the point. As for the things that are still waaay to big for him, I just stored them at the top of the wardrobe in two white baskets, so they look neat. I decided to just put those away for now, since he won't be wearing them for quite a while.

On the hangers I basically just put the clothes I liked the most, so that it made a nice display as well. I'm sure that won't last long in time, but at least for now it's really neat :)

Near the wardrobe, you can see a little basket - we got that from Ikea as well, and it is just amazing! I throw in there random toys we play with or blankets and it's a life saver. It makes tidying up so much easier. 

We decided not to get a special changing table, since we knew we would probably only end up using it a few months. Instead, we got this MALM dresser from Ikea and just put a changing mat on top. So practical! Plus we get to use the dresser even as he grows up. I filled all of the drawers with the Ikea SKUBB dividers - these come in a set of 6 and one set fits perfectly in a drawer. They're super helpful for organizing and keeping everything in place. You can see below how much more organized everything looks in these dividers. 

In the first drawer I put diapers, bath items, towels, muslin cloths etc. The second drawer holds all of his socks, shoes, hats, mittens. And I didn't fill completely that last drawer, but I put in there some extra bath towels, sheets for the crib, Water Wipes and some spare diapers.

Here's a quick list of where we got most things:

Cream arm-chair - Ikea PELLO
Dresser - Ikea MALM
Drawer dividers - Ikea SKUBB
Animals frames - (this is a Romanian website, but you can also find lots of very similar prints on Etsy)
Wardrobe - Ikea PAX (you can customize the size and insides on their websites)
Basket - Ikea (can't seem to find it on their website at the moment)
Crib - Ikea GULLIVER
Grey stars blanket - C&A
Rug - Think Rugs
Grey sofa - Ikea ASARUM
Pillows (on sofa) - Ikea MATTRAM & STOCKHOLM
Tree Wall decal - Woodland Fox & Friends Tree

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into my baby's nursery and that it was helpful in some way. Let me know if you have any questions about it below! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Patterned Zara Jumper | What I Wore Wednesday

Hey, everyone! Long time no "What I Wore Wednesday" on my blog. And to be honest, I've missed it a lot. I love sharing outfits each week and getting inspiration from other bloggers who share theirs. So I'm trying to bring it back. 

As some of you may know, a few months ago I became a mom - and with that came very little spare time (any time that I had was used either to catch up on sleep, do a quick clean around the house or just chill), not much shopping for myself and also, a new postpartum body that was harder to dress. Oh, and it's probably pointless to mention, since it's quite an obvious thing, but I did spend a LOT of the time just lounging in pyjamas or comfy sweats. However, I've decided to try and put more effort into getting ready in the morning and putting on an actual outfit. So with these What I Wore, I'm forcing myself to make getting ready more of a routine. And I'm really excited about it!

I'm wearing here a Zara jacquard jumper that I recently got on a mommy shopping spree and what drew me to it was this unique pattern. I don't own anything like it and I thought it would be a nice change from just regular tops or sweaters that I have. You can't really see in these *a bit blurry* pictures, but it's quite fluffy and cosy as well. I threw on a black faux leather jacket from Mohito, which I love bringing out once warmer weather comes around. It's actually been quite weird lately here, one week it looks like spring is around the corner, and another we get freezing temperatures that make you wanna stay inside all day everyday!

I'm wearing a pair of dark navy leggings from New Yorker (one of the few that fit me right now!) and a pair of black Chelsea boots that I got from Deichmann.

Have a great week!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Pregnancy Experience | Third Trimester

If you're new to my blog, I recently started writing more motherhood/pregnancy/baby posts and I'm hoping to turn my blog a lot more into a mommy lifestyle one, since - obviously - that is my life now :)

I already had my baby, but I wanted to share with you my first pregnancy experience. I know when I was pregnant I loved reading about other people's experiences to find things I could relate to, so I figured I could do the same. So if you're currently pregnant - congratulations!! - I hope you find some tips to make your journey easier! While I was pregnant, I filmed weekly updates on my Youtube channel, so if you would like to see those here is a playlist for you.

I kept a pregnancy journal throughout my entire pregnancy and I thought it would be nice to share my experiences with you, week by week. These will also include the symptoms that I've been having during those weeks. I'll try to write just a few short sentences for each week - since I don't wanna make this post too long. Here it goes:

WEEK 29: We found out the baby has not turned head down yet - which is the proper position for birth, but I'm hoping he will turn in time. It's getting hard to breathe properly and I feel very full very quickly after eating - probably because the baby is pressing more upwards now. 

WEEK 30: I started waking up again very frequently during the night, about every hour or so, and I'm feeling really tired. My husband finally heard the baby's heartbeat just pressing his hear against my tummy, and he tried listening to my own heartbeat as well, to make sure he wasn't confusing between the two - but he said there's a clear difference. He also felt how the baby is hiccuping. So cute!

WEEK 31: It's getting harder to bend over, put my shoes on etc. I get tired and out of breath really easily. We started a Lamaze class and so far we're really enjoying it!

WEEK 32: I think the baby has started reacting to sounds, especially to his dad's voice. When he talks to my tummy, the baby starts kicking a lot. I'm feeling quite huge, even though everyone says I don't look like I've gained that much weight (aside from the belly, of course)....but I think they're just being nice - haha! I am now around 56 kg (before pregnancy I was 46-47 kg).

WEEK 33: The baby constantly has an arm or leg up in my ribs and he sometimes kicks there. It is SOOO uncomfortable.

WEEK 34: Had an ultrasound this week and the baby still hasn't turned. Otherwise everything looks good. I hope he turns in time, because the idea of a c-section kinda scares me more than natural labor. I have started doing some exercises that are supposed to help the baby turn, but I'm not sure if they will work.

WEEK 35: My hands and feet have started to swell and my hands actually hurt a bit. I was advised to take my blood pressure every few days to make sure it doesn't get too high, but it's always pretty good, so I don't have preeclampsia. 

WEEK 36: I noticed that, for example, if I drop something on the kitchen counter (which is at belly level), the baby is startled a bit in my tummy. It's quite funny. My hubby says he takes that from me, since I'm easily startled as well - haha! The Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more intense and uncomfortable, but they're not yet real labor contractions.

WEEK 37: Baby still has not turned at this week's ultrasound and my doctor said it's highly unlikely that he will turn, since he has very little room left in my belly. We also had an NST (non-stress test) and the baby's heartbeat and movements were ok. Took the Strep B test and, thankfully, I don't have it.

WEEK 38: The baby was estimated at around 3 kg and I'm definitely feeling heavier and heavier. I can't wait to give birth! My hubby and I have been spending a lot of time just the two of us, going on walks, at restaurants etc., basically enjoying these last few moments as a family of two.

WEEK 39: Had another NST and everything's good with the babe. We can't wait to see what he looks like. This week I turned 25 years old (on Oct. the 11th) and now I'm anxiously awaiting the best birthday present ever to arrive!

WEEK 40: Had a final NST a day before my due date and it looks like I'm having pretty intense contractions on their scale/chart. My OB said it's possible for my labor to start before my due date (when we have scheduled the c-section). I'm very nervous about the c-section, but I can't wait to meet my little baby!

My due date (Oct 18th): I was having labor contractions when I got to the hospital, although they weren't super regular at the time. There was no point in us waiting longer, since the baby was still breech - so I had a c-section that day. Baby Victor was born at 1:35 p.m., he weighed 3.6 kg at birth and was 56 cm long. He had a looot of hair on his tiny head and he looks exactly like his father. We couldn't be happier!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my pregnancy experience!